NARUTO!!! ^_^

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Continuing on!

Team Guy and Team Kakashi had ran into trouble while finding the akatsuki base. The leader of Akatsuki had found out that they were coming so he sent Itachi and Kisame to go stall for time. Itachi went and found team Kakashi (and they now had Lady Chiyo with them) and Kisame went after Team Guy. Kisame had known Gai so that was an ideal person for him. Team Kakashi struggled but deafeated Itachi but it turns out it wasn't Itachi it was just a special jutsu used by the leader to make a person look,sound,act, and fight like him. Meanwhile Team Guy had finally deafeated Kisame. But Guy had to use a forbidden jutsu. So Team Guy and Team Kakashi had met up at the Akatsuki base. But there was a five seal barrier... TO BE CONTINUED!!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011


Once Sasori and Deidara had left Kankuro and Temari and some sand village ninja had started to follow. Shortly after Tsunade had ordered Team Kakashi and Team Guy to dissmiss immediatly. Soon Kankuro had caught up with Sasori and attacked him. Deidara took Garra back to the base. Sasori had beaten Kankuro by poisoning him,and then left. Temari and Team Kakashi found him. And then had quickly took Kankuro to the hospital. Sakura had to quickly do it, but she had tooken the poison out of Kankuro. And had saved him then Team Kakashi and Team Guy had left to find the Akatsuki base.... TO BE CONTINUED!!!!! ^_\\)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome!! ^_^

Welcome to my brand new naruto blog!!! I was told to do this by two of my closest friends Sydney and Deidara!!! And so now I'm going to tell you some about some of the first episodes of Naruto Shippuden!! Well Naruto finally returned to the leaf village after two and a half years, then met up with sakura and went to see Lady Tsunade. Then found out that she wanted them to fight with Kakashi. As that was happening two Akatsuki members, Sasori and Deidara, were going to raid the sand village. Then the battle against Kakashi started. It had took seveal hours but finally they defeated Kakashi by telling the end of his book. Meanwhile Deidara and Garra had pursued in a fierce battle. But Deidara had won and took Garra and him and Sasori had left.... TO BE CONTINUED!!!! HAHAHA!!!!